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Naila Ceribasic

Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research
professor of ethnomusicology
My research and publications address traditional music in eastern Croatia, issues of ethnomusicological analysis, processes of festivalization and heritage production, music in the context of war and political changes on the territory of former Yugoslavia, gender aspects of music-making, musical expressions of ethnic minorities in Croatia, theories and methods in ethnomusicology, and the programme of intangible cultural heritage in Southeastern Europe and worldwide.
With a group of colleagues ethnomusicologists, musicologists and music archivists, I have recently started a project on the record industry in Croatia from 1927 to the end of the 1950s; more on the project: https://www.ief.hr/en/research/projects/the-record-industry-in-croatia-from-1927-to-the-end-of-the-1950s/

Monday, October 26

16:30 GMT

19:00 GMT

Tuesday, October 27

10:30 GMT

18:30 GMT

20:30 GMT

Wednesday, October 28

10:00 GMT

18:30 GMT

20:00 GMT

Thursday, October 29

11:30 GMT

13:30 GMT

18:30 GMT

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